[Typeform] Results Email: Simple

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  • Okay, welcome to the simple or at very least simpler path to using type form and convert kit to sending the automated response emails based on the quiz results. And again, the simple way basically leverages Zapier. Now talking about Zapier, this is the pricing, but the good news is you can start for free and, um, Yeah, basically, that's the best place to start.
  • So once it does scale, basically you can zap your automates tasks, which I'll show you. Um, obviously how it works. Um, But as you use more tasks, that's how the billing works with Zapier. So basically however many tasks do you do, obviously it's kind of directly tied to however many people complete your quiz is how the billing will change.
  • Um, so first thing first is to create your Zapier account, okay. To create a Zapier account. It's very, very straightforward and simple. Um, I'm going to use, sign up with Google just because I have a Gmail address. Um, you don't have to, you can use just normal, um, or let's just do it normal. Keep it simple. So my computer remembers my name and stuff, so it's just auto-filled but name and email and then click get started for free password.
  • Sign up. Okay.
  • And it does just ask you a few questions. Um, never really matters what you answered. Sure. Continue. And for this, um, what I would encourage you to do is maybe search convert kit. And search type form. Um, you don't have to do this, you could skip it, but those are what we're obviously going to be using. So it's up to you.
  • Uh, you could skip it or you can search those two and then you select them and then they show up here. Um, but I'm going to keep this simple and just select those two and click finish setup. And then this is actually, as far as you have to go, um, Basically right now. So just close your window from here and then I'll show you as we get along, um, how to actually set up your first zap, which is what Zapier calls, these automated actions.
  • So for now that's as easy it is to create your account. And that's, as far as I'm going to go with this right now, Okay, now that we are, uh, done with our creating our Zapier account we'll we will get back to that in a moment, but I am back in type form. Again, this is right where I left you. We just have the core pieces of our, um, quiz all set up.
  • So with this, there's actually one more thing that we do have to do, and this does require the paid type form account, or it will put. If you're not ready to upgrade yet, it will put your Typeform account in trial mode. So you won't be able to share the link externally with people. Um, but you will be able to test it sort of, uh, yourself.
  • So just an FYI with that. But what we're going to do is we're going to click the logic tab over here on the left, and then. Um, we want to make sure you're on simple. I think that's default, but what we're looking for is a score quiz and this pretty much brings up a box as you can see, and these are all of our questions and then each answer.
  • And if we look back at our happiness quiz right here, Uh, you can see the scores that we want right next to it and highlighted in pink. So that is basically what we're going to do for each question. And this is how we create that score. Like we've been talking about in the earlier videos of just how these quizzes ultimately work.
  • Um, this is how we ultimately do that. So for each of these, again, it's a scale. So how this works is negative two for the most negative, and then obviously zero, you could type zero, but, uh, it does. Remove it it's just no, uh, whatever. So you just don't have to type anything, but we're going to do this for each question.
  • So obviously two, one zero or nothing, minus one, minus two, for all four questions. Pretty simple.
  • And for this, uh, this is just the, um, legal disclaimer question. You don't have to add anything. It doesn't affect the score. It doesn't change what result obviously. So no score is needed. So that is that make sure all four questions are filled in with the proper score. And again, if you need a reminder, these are the scores that we're talking about right here.
  • And then once that's complete, you just click save. So again, if you're on a free, uh, account, you'll get a warning right now saying this is in trial mode or whatever that is expected behavior. Um, yes. And then now if we go back, you can see that the quiz ending.
  • Now how's this associated score to it. So this is where just to give you a little insight into what you could do, it's not what we are going to do, but you could create a different ending for every score right now, if you, I did this for you, uh, where.
  • Here we go. So the different happiness quiz outcomes, you can see the score range. Negative eight to negative five. Is this one? Negative four to negative one is this one neutral, et cetera. You could do that here. But like I said, in the past a few times kind of repeat it all, but we want people to get their results via the email, because we want to make sure that they're using a real email.
  • They're opening it, send a reputation, all of those great things. So it actually, uh, just so you know, you could create multiple different endings and then map them. For different outcomes. So just to really show you what I mean by that, if we were following our example, it's negative eight to negative five, and then it's negative four to negative one.
  • So I'm not going to fill it in for all of them, but you could create multiple endings and then you can see it creates each one. And you could then obviously you would put, um, that the proper, you know, results on each of those endings. But again, we're not doing that. It's not how I like to do things. I like to send the results via email.
  • So that is one step we have to do with type form, because we want to make sure we're calculating a score as we're going along. And just to show you how this works, I'm actually going to type an at symbol and then the score option. And I'm putting this after the question group, um, so that I can just show you how the score is being tallied.
  • And even to show you even more, let's just show it. It at every single stage, just so you can get a visual of how this is working and also just verify that everything's working correctly. So I've just added score by typing the ad and then selecting a score for each of these questions. I just put it in the description just to show you.
  • So if I click preview again, So you can see my score is zero we're on the first question. I'm going to select the most negative. So that's negative two. Right? So theoretically on the next question, we should see this score under the description to be negative two. And we don't, I think because I mistyped score, did I do it right for the others?
  • I did not. All right, let's try this again. All right. So we're at zero, I'm selecting the negative two option. It's negative two. If I select the negative two option again, we expect negative four and we get that. If I were to select the most positive, we're adding two to the score. So we should for the next question, see negative two, because this is, uh, an addition of two, and that's what we see.
  • And if we were to select this again on the next question, we, we should be back at zero, which we are and just to show. That if we did this negative four, right? So everything is working perfect. Our score is being tallied as we go. I'm going to now delete all of these score things that I added. It's helpful for testing, if you want to keep it.
  • But obviously when you're ready for people to see it, we don't actually ever reveal the score to people because I mean, it's kind of arbitrary. It doesn't matter. Um, it just matters what. Uh, email they get, which is what Zapier in this simple way is it handles as well as, um,
  • as well as convert kit working together to make sure the right emails are sent to the right people. Okay. So now that our quiz is all being scored properly. Um, the next thing we need to do is we actually have to go into jump into our convert kit account and make a few changes in, uh, preparation basically.
  • So the first thing that we do need to do is we actually need to add a tag and depending on where you're at with your list, launching lab journey at the end, um, we release a set of modules of a group of videos showing you kind of like the convert kit one-on-one so that's creating tags, a bunch of other things.
  • If you haven't gotten there yet. I don't think anything I cover here is going to be that crazy or difficult to understand, but just know that there is more rudimentary conversations around a lot of these topics, uh, in those, in that convert kit, um, uh, resource module that you get at the end of lists, launching labs.
  • So if you haven't got there yet, uh, you'll still be able to follow along, but just know that. There's other resources to learn more. And then obviously inside of ConvertKit, they are really helpful. You can always click learn more and you can just see their help articles relating to all this things, and you can watch their videos.
  • They're they're really great. So, um, both of those things, but anyways, we are creating a tag and it's going to be just a generic tag called happiness quiz. So we just want to create that tag and click save. Our account will kind of reload. And then we'll see that that tag is now here. Now, the next thing we do need to do is we actually need to click on a subscriber to add a custom field.
  • Now, if you do not have a subscriber, um, just add yourself by adding a subscriber, filling in your name and information, and then you will have to add a tag. Um, so you can just select this. That's totally fine. Um, so just be sure you do have one subscriber because we do have to click on one. And then what we want to do is we want to add a new field and we're just going to call it the happiness quiz score.
  • It doesn't have to be all capitals, but happiness quiz score. You don't have to fill in, uh, uh, value. Um, it doesn't matter right now. We just need to make sure we have the field. We click update subscriber and it's not, uh, it's not abundantly clear, but in doing, adding a, um, Custom field. This is called, it adds it to all subscribers.
  • So I only have two, but if I switched to our other thing, our other subscriber, you can see that that field exists and it will exist for every single person in your account. Okay. Now that that tag is created. We're actually going to go back now to Typeform, and then we're going to click the integrate tab.
  • I think for most of you, if you have a newer account, it'll say apps. So they changed the name, but I guess not every account gets a different name. So I don't know why that is, but yours might say apps here instead. So, but it's all the same. Now we're gonna just type convert kit and you can see that they have, what's referred to as a native integration.
  • Um, Meaning that you don't need Zapier. Uh, we we'll get to that in the quote harder example, but, um, we're doing the easy way with Zapier. So we want to choose this option convert kit by Zapier. It just gives us a little bit more flexibility to do some interesting things compared to the native integration.
  • Um, so yes. So what we're going to do is we're going to click connect. It's going to open in a new tab and it's going to have you log in if you're not, um, I'm already logged in to create that zap your account that you already made. And basically what is cool about Zapier is when you are linked to it from different tools, it kind of auto-populates for you.
  • So this isn't all about Zapier, but you can start from completely scratch. But as I said, um, because Typeform it's like linking to an exact recipe, if you will. So, what we're going to do is we do have to select our type form account. If you obviously haven't set yours up, you will have to just click connect a new account.
  • It'll do a login. Um, I'm going to show you, uh, you just have to do the log in to your Typeform account, but I already have my account connected. So you just have to click that and it, it not. Any different really, but once you do that, you select your account and you click continue. And then we do need to select our form.
  • We'll probably only have one UCI of a whole bunch. Um, but we are looking for this happiness quiz right here. We click continue. And what it's going to do is it's going to get a test. Yeah. Example, a sample, um, Submission. So we're actually going to go back and click this view button, and this is just going to open up our type form, and we're just going to submit an actual response.
  • Um, and I'm just going to select the most negative options for all. So if you're following along, the score we would expect is negative eight.
  • okay. But we just did. We just submitted that because when we go back to the type form and then we do a test trigger. You will see that it'll pick up that response that we just got. So it looks like a lot of, a lot of typing, but you can see my name here, Carson. That's the input that I gave. You can see the score right here, so this can look scary, but zap here makes it really easy to use this information.
  • So you can see all this information that, um, is basically comprising my happiness quiz that I submitted. So it automatically found that submission. So we click continue. And then now we're, uh, adding, uh, we're basically now working with our ConvertKit accounts. So if you need to, um, you might have to log in to convert kit.
  • Um, so yeah, it might, you might need to do that. Um, I'm already logged in. It's already here, so that's why it's already pre-populated. Um, I guess if I, I just want to show you a little bit more.
  • and the action that we want to take is we want to add a tag to a subscriber. That's why we created this, uh, happiness quiz tag. So just back to the Zapier again, we want to choose, add tag to a subscriber. We click continue. And then this is where you choose your Typeform account. If you need to connect yours, you haven't done it before.
  • You'll just click the connect new account. I already have mine connected. I hadn't been up to, but, um, this is our demo account, which is this account. Obviously click continue.
  • And then the tag we want to apply is this one here. So this is pulling in our tags automatically, but we want to select that one. Now this is basically, uh, um, no, what people submitted in the type form to the actual convert kit. So pretty cool. Pretty automated. So what we want to do is we want to click this and then we want to insert data.
  • From the type form. So we do want to click show all options because we do need to see all of them. And what we're looking for is the email field. So if we look here, it's it's right here. It's a little long, you can scroll sideways, but you can see, this is our question. What's the best email address for you?
  • And this is my answer. So that's what we click. And then for first name again, we're showing all options. And then we're looking for the name field right here. What is your name? Carson. And then this is important, your happiness,
  • this is important. Um, this is that extra field name that we created. This is the actual happiness score quiz, and this is what we use to send, um, which, you know, uh, Results emailed us and we use the score. So that's why we use a scored quiz. And you can see right here is the score. And then, um, my example, I chose the options that created a score of eight.
  • If you didn't, your score would be different, but nonetheless, you're looking for the score and there's that. And then with that, you're going to click continue. And this is a test that Zapier does. So it's going to send a test subscriber to your convert kit account. So we're going to click a test and review and then it was successful.
  • And if I go to my account, I will have to, you see, it's not there. Um, but if I refresh. You can see this other, uh, subscriber was added. And if I click it, you can see that the happiness score was added as well as the tag. So that's what Zapier is doing. Basically every single time somebody completes this type form it's completing this automation and since everything worked properly, what we're going to do is we're just going to click turn on zap and then.
  • The zap is on and it's kind of running in the background at all times, um, connecting these two applications together. So that is all we needed with Zapier. I'm even gonna close this. We just want to confirm that your switches on that's the most important thing. And then once we confirm it's on, we just can close that completely.
  • Okay. Now that that is done, our Zapier is connected and we have our proper, uh, Both tag and, um, custom field in convert kit. The next thing we're going to do is we're going to look in our convert kit account at an automation. Now I already have this set up and I'm going to show you that it probably looks a little complicated, especially if this is your first view at, uh, automation and.
  • What I don't want you to do is to freak out because the best thing about convert kit and a big reason why we suggest it inside a list launching lab and quiz launching lab by default, uh, is I can share this automation with you as well as all the elements. So basically I'm going to tell you what each of these steps is doing right now, but the good news is all you're going to have to do is click a link.
  • Uh, below the video in the templates or resources section, and it's going to look, you know, whatever the link looks like, but it'll be this link and it'll automatically add it to your account and all the details I'm going to talk you through. So what a sweet feature of convert kit? Uh, that's a big reason why we love it.
  • Frankly, the ability to share automation, recipes. I. Which is what I called them, but I don't know if they have a special name, but anyways, it's a great feature. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to talk you through, um, how this automation works, but I'm actually going to start at a little bit more of a rudimentary level.
  • Um, I'm going to tell you a little, a few things. I'm going to talk to you just at a high level, what an automation is. And I'm also going to talk about sequences. So I'm going to start with sequences and you're going to see that I have five sequences and you'll notice that they match our names on our happiness quiz, outcomes, doom, and gloom.
  • SunPower's a doom and gloom. SunPower's a little bit different order, but, uh, living the dream neutral, living the dream neutral, walking on sunshine. Walking on sunshine. I didn't see it for a second. So the get, again, sequences you could think of are individual nurture sequences. Hence the name. So we have a sequence created for each.
  • Quiz outcome. And this is how we, uh, we're, we'll get to how to make sure that convert kit sends like the proper one. Um, that's part of the automation, but just with sequences, what I want to show you is again, when I share the recipe with you, this comes with all the sequences. So I will walk through the automation in a moment, but what I wanted to tell you is a quick high-level overview of why it's set up like this.
  • So, first of all, This is just a sample email that you can, um, yeah. What matters that you name it? Something that you were understand, like the doom and gloom again, you will get an exact copy of this literally exact copy of this inside your account so you can make changes. But what I want to point out is sequences.
  • You can add emails too, right? So. This is just the first one. Cause that's, as far as I'm going to take you with this automation quiz, launching labs set up this email that gets sent immediately. But I did want to show you that you could then have a unique nurture sequence. For each, uh, quiz outcome type.
  • So say for doing gloom, you want it to send obviously their initial results, which is the immediate email, but you can add emails and change when you send it two days later, maybe, or whatever, and you can send different content to follow up with that person individually. You can change the subject line, all of that sort of stuff, but that is outside the scope of, um, Of this video, but I did want to show you that that's why we create separate sequences for each quiz result, because you might want to send individual nurture sequence that are different depending on their quiz results.
  • So I am just going to delete this extra email. That is something you just can get into on your own time, but that is sequences and sequences are used inside of automations. So, uh, again, the best part, when I share the link to the automation, all of these will come with it. So you don't even have to recreate all these sequences or anything like that.
  • Now I am going to walk you through this automation and automation is, uh, it's just. It allows you to do even more things with convert kit. So it there's probably a whole course I could teach on automations inside a convert kit. Um, but that is for another day. But how we start off this again, you get a copy of this.
  • It's added to your account automatically, but I do want to talk you over how it works at a high level. So what we're working with, uh, to start the automation to sort of trigger, if you will, is we're watching for changes on the happiness quiz score, because you remember in our Zapier connection, we pass that information along into that custom field.
  • So we're always watching. Uh, convert kit is always watching for subscribers, uh, happiness quiz score, custom field to change, and then it triggers this automation. So as we work down the automation, it has these, um, I guess. Checks, if you will, of what is, uh, what is the score on the happiness quiz score field?
  • And that saying, is it less than, or equal to five? If yes. Send the doom and gloom email, because that is what conditions that meets. If no, then it checks the next thing. Does it, uh, equal, uh, score less? Or less than sorry, less than our equal to negative one. If yes, send the shower results again, all of this is here, so less than one, um, there, and then it just works its way continuing down.
  • Does this, uh, score equals zero? If yes, then send the neutral if no, continue on. Is it equal? Uh, less than or equal to four? If yes, then send the walking on sunshine sequence. Uh, again, right now, it's just the single email. But if you wanted to, you could build out each of these email sequences by again, clicking on it.
  • It brings you to this thing. You can add emails, but again, that is outside the scope of this right here. Cause you can obviously imagine it just gets more and more. Uh, nuanced and custom to you. Uh, and then finally it just has, the final check is at greater than, or equal to five. Again, it's just listening, looking for this, basically matching the conditions and then it sends the appropriate email.
  • So that is the automation. And I imagine you're looking at this, uh, it's crazy, but trust me in any other tool other than convert kit, this is even more challenging. So. A convert kit really is for the win. And even on top of that, you don't even have to do any of this because you're going to have a link to just click and add to your account just like that.
  • So, um, but I did want to walk through it for you at a high level. And speaking of walking you through at a high level, what I do want to also show you is what it looks like to add that automation to your account. So I just copied that link again, it'll be below the video, so you'll just have to click it, but I did want to show you what it looks like.
  • So this is the link, and then when you click it, you'll land on this page, basically giving you a preview of the automation, as you can see, um, Kind of cool how it shows you that actually pretty neat. Um, again, I just love convert kit. Um, imagine if you had to remake all of that, what a waste of time anyways, I digress.
  • So what you're going to do is you'll obviously need to log into your account, but if you click use this automation, you can see it's copying the automation to your account. This is, um, on, um, like, uh, Different account, um, our real account. So I just wanted to show you that it literally adds all of the automation for you, right?
  • So this is not the same account that I just showed. You, walk you through the automation. This is the copy it made in a different account. Just like that. And then obviously we talked about automations, but then these are sequences, right? The emails that they each send. So if I go to my sequences, I, I have a lot more sequences, but you can see these happiness quiz ones were added.
  • This is all automatic. Again, if you open this, you can see all of this information, uh, is here. So really cool. How easy it is to add to your account. Okay. Now with all of that, the last thing to just kind of double check is inside of your automations. You just want to make sure that it is turned on. I did.
  • I meant to say this earlier. So my mistake, um, your, uh, automations and sequences probably by default look like these square cards. I happen to just like the list more. I should've said that earlier, that might be confusing, but hopefully. Um, it makes sense now. So I just prefer it in the list view. It's just more compact, but, um, basically you just want to click on the animation that you obviously added to your account just now.
  • And you just want to make sure that it's green live over here. Because as of now with everything we have set up Zapier type form, um, basically this should work. We should be able to now. Uh, complete our quiz, our happiness quiz. I still have it open. So, but what I'll do is, um, I'll show you if you're in your, uh, Typeform account.
  • If you go to the, um, share tab, this is where that the link lives. So just copy the link and in a new tab, uh, we go to it now again, theoretically. This should work and we should get the proper email delivered to us because I did all the hard work. I know you're working hard too, but with, uh, automatically just adding that automation to your account, it sets it all up for you.
  • Um, which is pretty cool. So what I'm just going to do in my ConvertKit account is I'm going to go to the subscriber tab just because I'm going to submit as a new subscriber and we want to make sure. That, uh, Zapier is doing its job by adding the score to the account, as well as the tag. Um, and then obviously we should also receive the email.
  • So this is exciting. Let's see how this goes. So let's do this, this, um, I'm going to select all the worst options just so we make sure that we can test properly that we are getting the right email. So, yeah. Carson, and then we're accepting the terms and we're submitting. So obviously I'll works just to confirm this should take us to Instagram.
  • It does awesome. I'm just going to click back cause we will probably do some more testing, but if I go to the subscriber tab, I do have to, uh, update. It's not like real time, but if I click refresh. I was added. This is the email I submitted under. Now we should see a happiness score of negative eight and a tag added.
  • Awesome. That all worked. That's Zapier doing its job. Now, when you're in, uh, a subscribers thing, you can check on their automations they're involved in and you can see. I'm active in the happiness automation quiz. You'll also see the sequences tab I'm active in the doom and gloom. So it can take a little bit of a time, you know, I've been at or two or whatever, not long to actually complete this, but you can see, I did choose all the worst options.
  • Hence my negative score of eight. And that is a doom and gloom. So I should be receiving that email at any time. And I will just bring over my email and we can wait for it to come over.
  • okay. There it is. So you can see here. That I got, um, my email, you can see that the subject line is customized, uh, with my name. Um, that's using that fancy thing that it was automatically added to your account for, um, without automation link, but you can see that I received the right email. I got the doom and gloom score of this.
  • I added this for testing that your score is eight. Um, just to test, so that worked perfectly and let's just for good measure. I'm just going to go back to the happiness quiz and I'm going to select a sort of random set of questions. Um, I love work. My relationships could be better. Money is good. How is my health?
  • Not good Carson. And, uh, I am just going to use the same email. It shouldn't matter. Um, one thing that's important to note is how I set up the automation. Um, people will do a quiz over and over again. So you have to set things up in such a way that they get the, um, The same email again and again, that takes actually a set up a certain way, which I'll actually show you since I brought it up.
  • Um, so now you see this as active, but if I, uh, refreshed, you can see it's completed and I've completed. So that's cool. Um, but if I go to automations and then sequences with each of these, again, this was automatically added to your account with these settings, but I did want to walk you through the settings.
  • Of the sequences and the sequence behavior. This is, um, an option that, you know, do you allow subscribers to receive the email more than once? If this is no again, for the ones you added via the automatic link, this is all done for you, but in the future, you might not want people to get, um, a sequence. So this I'm thinking of a scenario off the top of my head.
  • But let's say you have a new person onboarding sequence that only the newest people. That have never been on your list before should get, and let's just say it's a form on your website that someone happens to be able to stumble across anytime. So it's possible that an existing subscriber could complete that form.
  • So let's just go with that scenario that that's possible, but you don't want somebody. That's received that sequence before to ever receive it again, even if they do that form and this setting is set to no, it won't send that sequence again. But for this case, we want the ability to restart the sequence at any time because people will probably do the quiz a few times.
  • So w. If, if it was set to no, they would only get their results the first time. And then each subsequent time they would not be sent the email, obviously not what we want. And I just wanted to explain that, but it is automatically set up for you. Okay. Back to our, uh, assessment. Um, I'm just resubmitting. So now if I, again, go back in my account to Carson.
  • Okay. So I assume that's the score I got based off the answers that I gave. We'll just confirm that in type form in a moment, but you can see I've started the automation again. So I'm active and the sequence I'm getting is walking on sunshine. And if we look at our quiz walking on sunshine, my score was one.
  • So it falls into the category of that automation, that sequence. So everything seems to be working awesome. Which is so exciting. We awkward if it didn't work, but if we go to a results page on type form, I'll just, well, let's just confirm. Um, if I click this responses tab, uh, this is the one I just submitted.
  • Um, and the score is one. So everything worked perfectly because you can see one is right there. Very very cool. So we'll just wait a moment to make sure that that email gets delivered. I'll just hang around here until that email comes so we can confirm, uh, it just did, as you can see. And if I open this walking on sunshine, so everything worked perfectly.
  • So this is a longer video, but that was, uh, Believe it or not, the simple way of setting up all of this with Typeform and Zapier Zapier makes it quite a bit easier. If you didn't want to add the expense of Zapier again, it's worth it for like a million reasons, but I will have another way of showing you how to do this in the next video quote, the hard way, um, without having to use Zapier, it just adds a few additional steps.
  • Okay. So that is the end of that. There's a lot to celebrate here. We created a whole quiz inside of it type form. We then hooked up with Zapier to make sure it make it just a little bit easier to send our automated results. We added the automation. Um, automagically thanks to convert kits, allowance of sharing these automation recipes.
  • And then we tested and confirmed that, uh, the proper emails are being sent to the proper, uh, or based on the proper, uh, results of the happiness quiz. So really, really awesome lots, uh, accomplished with this video so far. It was a long one. Uh I'm I hope it was, um, Maybe it took time, but I hope I made it step-by-step for you and just good job.
  • We now have a functioning quiz at this point. Pretty amazing.

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[Typeform] Results Email: Hard(er)

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Why Quizzes?
Why Quizzes?
Planning & Validating
Planning & Validating
Let's Talk Tech
Let's Talk Tech
Using Typeform
Using Typeform
[Typeform] Create Your Account
[Typeform] Create Your Account
[Typeform] Building the Quiz
[Typeform] Building the Quiz
[Typeform] Results Email: Simple or Hard(er)
[Typeform] Results Email: Simple or Hard(er)
[Typeform] Results Email: Simple
[Typeform] Results Email: Simple
[Typeform] Results Email: Hard(er)
[Typeform] Results Email: Hard(er)
Using Interact
Using Interact
[Interact] Create Your Account
[Interact] Create Your Account
[Interact] Building the Quiz
[Interact] Building the Quiz
[Interact] Results Emails
[Interact] Results Emails
Creating Your Quiz
Creating Your Quiz